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Whimshirt Machine ( 8006052 )

The two plates are supported in two rigid uprights and driven by belt in opposite direction. They are heavy, high resistance plastic with sectors of aluminium sheet. Two leyden jars (condensers) made from corning glass and aluminium foil. The whole is mounted on a wooden base nicely polished.

Four Stroke Petrol Engine Model ( 8006055 )

Air cooled, four stroke, with operation of valves clearly shown. Mounted on a polished wooden base with schematic diagram, overall height 450 mm approx.

Bar And Guage ( 8006057 )

To illustrate expansion of metal on heating and contraction on cooling, with steel bar of length 100 x 10 mm and plated brass gauge with a cut-out to just accommodate the bar and two holes through which the bar passes when cold.

Convection Of Heat In Air Apparatus ( 8006060 )

Metal box, 230 x 75 x 75 mm, with sliding glass front and two detachable glass chimneys, with one candle holder under left chimney. Supplied without candles.

Spark in mm : 25, 50, 75, 100

Expansion Apparatus ( 8006063 )

Two cast metal uprights, height 18 cm, fitted with two nickel plated rods supporting expansion bar of length 38 cm. Expansion bar is fixed to one upright and moves a pointer on the other, when heated. With scale reading0 to 90°, supplied with one each aluminium, brass and iron expansion bars.

Expansion Of Liquids Apparatus ( 8006064 )

For demonstrating the different thermal expansions of various liquids. Comprising five bulb tubes with plastic scales, mounted in a frame and supported in a water trough 240 x 108 x 77 mm deep. The frame has clamps to secure it to the trough and two cross members, the lower cross member having holes, and the upper tubules to locate the bulb tubes. Dimensions overall 240 x 115 x 460 mm high approx. Bulb diameter 35 mm. Bulb stem 400 mm. Supplied complete with glass bulbs and scale.

Fly Wheel ( 8006065 )

About 20 cms in dia by 44 mm wide turned and carefully balanced, mounted on a horizontal shaft, held in ball bearings. The wheel is marked and pointer is fixed to the bracket. The bracket has four holes and can be fixed to the wall also.

Hypsometer Regnault ( 8006067 )

For the determination of the upper fixed points of thermometers and boiling points at barometric pressures other than atmospheric. Double walled copper cylinder 34 x 6 cm height x outer dia mounted on steam boiler. Fitted with thermometer tubulure at the top, side outlet draining tube and glass manometer mounted in tubulure with rubber bungs.

Engine Hauze Apparatus ( 8006068 )

To demonstrate different conductivities of different metals. Rods of 5 different metals and wood, fitted along one side of a metal tank.

Set Of Rods For Thermal Conductivity Experiments ( 8006074 )

A set of metal rods 300 x 3 mm diameter comprising one each of Aluminium, Iron, Copper, Lead, Brass, Zinc.

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