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Post Office Box, Plug Type ( 8006012 )

A: Plug type, in polished teak wood box with hinged lid and black bakelite panel lined in white colour to show circuit connections. Coils of constantan wire double sild covered are wound non-inductively and have a negligible temperature co-efficient. Three pairs of ratio arms are each 10, 100, 1000 ohms and resistance arms contains 16 coils from 1 to 5000 ohms with infinity plug. Total value 11,110 ohms. Two spring keys having special contact for battery and galvanometer fitted. Accuracy of coils 100 to 500 ohms + 0.05% and of the rest coils + 0.1%.

Post Office Box, Wheatstone Bridge ( 8006013 )

Decade Dial type, with 6 decade (two decade having 4 ratio arms 1, 10, 100 and 1000 ohms and decade resistance units, total resistance 11110 ohms). Coils of constantine wire double silk covered are wound non-inductively. It is fitted with two enclosed tapping keys for battery and galvanometer. Accuracy + 0.01% of unit coils.

Potentiometer ( 8006014 )

A one metre long single resistance wire passes over a metre scale and is firmly clamped to stout brass end-plates,on wooden base.Complete with knife-edge jockey. Available in 2 and 4 wires also.
Also available in 2 and 4 wires also.

Resistance Coils ( 8006015 )

A: In bakelite case with 4mm socket and captive head terminals. Bobbins non-inductively wound with double silk covered constantine wire.
B: Non-inductively wound with double silk covered constantan coils on plastic rod enclosed in transparent plastic tube with two terminal and values figured. Accuracy + 0.2%. Rating 1 watt. Individually packed, available in different ohms.

Resistance Box, Plug Type ( 8006016 )

For accurate work, in polished teak wood box and bakelite panel figured in white. Split brass contact blocks hold precision cut, interchangeable plug having moulded black bakelite fluted tops. Coils of constantine wire, double silk covered are wound co-efficient. Coils are connected with double nut system. Accuracy +, available in different ohms.

Rheostat ( 8006017 )

For use as series resistors or potentiometers. Open type slide wire type with a variety of resistance and current carrying capacity. Copper-nickel alloys wire is oxidised to provide perfect insulation. Phosphor bronze contact provided on metal chrome plated slider-rod to give rapid and smooth adjustment. Three 4 mm socket terminals are provided. One at each end of the wire and the third at one end of the slider-rod thus the Rheostat can be used as potentiometer also. Resistance in ohms and current carrying capacities are engraved on it. The end support are made of metal/bakelite. Diameter 43 mm.

Simple Cell Complete ( 8006018 )

Glass jars 15 x 10 cm. length x dia. Complete with zinc and copper plates.

Plates For Simple Cell ( 8006019 )

Each plate is 125 x 10 cm length x dia of different metals.

Telegraph Set, Vertical Type ( 8006020 )

Set of two units. Each unit is fitted with one morse key, one sounder and on/off switch for battery, with two battery and two line terminals.All connections are visible. Each unit is workable on 4-6 volts d.c.

Telegraph Set, Lecture Pattern ( 8006021 )

Set of two vertical units, each unit consists of a microphone, a receiver, bell and transformer, with visible wiring connections. Workable with 4-6 V d.c.

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