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Wave Hulix ( 8006091 )

Steel wire close-wound helix 19mm, diameter, closed length 3 meters extending to approx. 9 meters, with looped ends.

Wave Hulix (slinky) ( 8006092 )

For demonstrating wave motion. Helical coil of flat section tempered steel wire. Coil diameter 7.5 cm length closed 10 cm. fully extended 3 meters.

Sonometer ( 8006093 )

Comprising a wooden resonance box of 114 cm length, 12.5 cm width and 10 cm height, with two rules 1 meter long sub-divided into millimeters. One each brass and steel wire of different diameter attached to fixed bridge and tensioned by fine adjustment pegs, two moveable bridges, pulley and fixed screw to enable a third wire to be fixed for tensioning by masses. One each additional wire of steel and brass, each 1.5 m lenght and of 22 SWG.

Geissler Tube ( 8006094 )

Different shapes and degree of vacuum inside, showing different discharge phenomenon, illuminations, patterns etc. Tube ends provided with caps for connection to induction coil. SET OF 6 TUBES.

Gas Discharge Tube Set Of 6 ( 8006095 )

20 cms. SET OF 6, in wooden polished showcase with rotary switch for connections to each tube.

X-ray Tube Roentgen ( 8006097 )

For use with electronic machine or induction coil, with vacuum regulating device. Comprises a glass sphere with a concave disc electrode generating cathode rays and focusing on a tungsten target, placed at an angle of 45 degrees at the inner end of arm exactly opposite. These tubes produced soft X-Rays and care must be taken from over exposure.

Spectrum Tubes ( 8006098 )

20 cm. long, straight form, with side electrodes and 50 mm. long fine capillary in the middle. Filled with Oxygen, Neon, Helium, Air Nitrogen, Argon. Ammonia Vapours, Alcohal Vapuours, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen, Lodine Vapour, Sulpher Water Vapurs.
20 cm. long, straight from, with side electrodes and 50mm long fine capillary in the middle. Filled with Acetylene, varpours Carbonic Acid, Carbon Dioxide, Chlorine Hydrogen Sulphide, Nitrogen, Sulphurous Acid, Xenon, Methyl Alcohal.

Shadow Effect Electromagnet ( 8006100 )

An object obstructing cathode rays casts its shadow on the fluorescent wall facing it, and if the running cathode rays are subjected to magnetic effects, per an electromagnet, the shadow is affected by its slight rotation change, complete with electromagnet.

Rectilinear Propagation ( 8006101 )

V shaped tube, To show cathode rays are generated only vertical (lower electrode) irrespective of the anode point, (any of two electrodes above).

Repilsion Tube Gold Steen ( 8006102 )

Vertical tube with two parallel wire cathodes at two end of tubes with third electrode to serve as anode on base.

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