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Cylinderical Lens For Ray Box ( 8006165 )

Glass, Biconvex, Focal length approx. 15cm.(+14D).

Reading Telescope With Scale ( 8006167 )

The telescope is mounted on a specially designed carriage with support ring to stop abrupt falling. The carriage is fitted with two adjustable screws for precise vertical and horizontal positioning. This arrangement is mounted on a 25mm dia, 450mm long steel pillar, fitted on a cast iron base with levelling screws. A scale holder is provided with scale.

Semi Circular Glass Block ( 8006168 )


Spectrometer Intermediate ( 8006169 )

This is a robust instrument designed specifically for student use which nevertheless is capable of very high performance. The main structure is of heavy cast metal, with bright plated fittings. The complete instrument is supplied with wooden case.


Scale The 150mm diameter circle with protective plastic shield is fixed to the telescope movement and the table is attached to the double ended vernier which reads to 1 minute of arc. Both telescope and table rotation fine adjustment screws and release of a clamping screws enables adjustment of both movements to be made by hand.

Collimator Mounted on fixed and fitted with 178mm. focus achromatic objectives, 25mm clear aperture. Also fitted is a unilaterlly adjustable slit, 7mm long.

Telescope Mounted on moveable pillar and fitted with 178mm. Focus achromatic objective, 25mm, clear aperture. Also fitted is a 8x ramsden eyepiece and a glass crossline graticule. Both the telescope and collimator have rack and pinion focussing. Means are provided for levelling the axis of both optical units and for squaring them to axis of rotation.

Prism Table The table is marked with lines to assist placing the prism with respect to the table levelling screws.

Standard Accessories Supplied

1 prism clamp, 1 diffraction grating holder, 1 magnifier, 1 tommy bar for adjusting optical axis, 1 wooden case.


Spectrometer Prism ( 8006170 )

Optically worked for Spectrometer, Equilateral, two faces polished 32x32mm ht.

Prisms also available in sizes 25 x 25 mm and 38 x 38 mm.

Spherometer ( 8006171 )

Brass dial head about 40mm dia., divided in 100 parts registering on vertical scale 10-0-10mm, on metal black painted frame. Lead screw and three legs(40mm, separation) are of mild steel, legs are of stainless steel, disc type.

Demostration Meter ( 8006175 )

Knife Switch One Way ( 8006177 )

Low voltage, moulded base with plated contacts and screw connections.


Knife Switch Two Way ( 8006178 )

Low voltage, double pole double throw, may be used as changeover switch with appropriate connections, moulded base with plated spring metal contacts and screw connectors.


Plug Key Two Way ( 8006180 )

With three brass blocks, each with a 4mm insulated terminal and two standard tapered plugs to fit the two holes between the blocks.

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